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Compare Laser Teeth Whitening Systems

With so many laser teeth whitening systems and products on the market, isnt it worth considering which is the best laser teeth whitening system for you.

THE IBRITE Laser Teeth Whitening Systems

Lasers have been used in medicine and surgery for decades. The IBrite laser teeth whitening sysem is one of the most popular systems used to professionally whiten teeth today.

The ibrite laser light is a cold filtered LED light which means that it does not emit any heat and does not damage enemal. Its purpose is to activate the teeth whitening gel on the teeth.

What the makers of the iBrite laser teeth whitening system have done is to combine the best of both of these technologies to deliver a potent laser teeth whitening combination.

The iBrite laser teeth whitening process. Once the laser teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth, it is activated throughout a 60 minute treatment during which the whitening gel penetrates into all of the microscopic nooks and crannies in the tooth enamel (the teeth may seem smooth, but they actually have millions of tiny pores) or hydroxyappatite crystals to be precise.

When choosing laser teeth whitening, ask the clinic if their laser light is FDA approved and what the make is. Not all lasers are high quality and some may be cheap immitations. Also, make sure to ask if the laser teeth whitening technician is a qualified dental nurse or dentist. We use the Ibrite system to achieve the very best laser teeth whitening results. Book Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Center for a Brighter Whiter Smile today.

Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips are .thin transparent strips which dissolve on your teeth while whitening them in just 5 to 10 minutes, and are practically invisible. These strips may sensitize the gums as they do not guarantee precision of application of the product onto the teeth. Be careful as many of these are illegal in Ireland and can cause harm to teeth and gums as they contain high levels of peroxide.

Home Whitening Kits

For the desired result , a number of applications of a low peroxide home teeth whitening gel are required. In this procedure the gum is at first covered with a gum shield made of rubber or a kind of gel to protect it from the bleaching agent. Your dentist may take a mould of your teeth and make a teeth whitening tray for use at home.

“It is important to note that in Ireland your dentist cannot supply you with more than 6% hydrogen peroxide by law. Because this is a relatively low level of hydrogen peroxide, you will need to use the product for many days to whiten your teeth. Unlike laser teeth whitening which contains no peroxide and is carried out in 1 hour.”

This teeth whitening tray is left covering the teeth for a certain length of time and then it is removed. This process is slow and may take four weeks or more to get the desired teeth whitening results. While undergoing the treatment a person may develop sensitivity to heat, cold and pressure, which later clears away. This is due to the use of peroxide.

Teeth whitening with the help of laser treatment is the fastest way of achieving a brighter and more attractive smile. Modern laser teeth whitening methods such as that used by Dublin Vitality Center, do not use any peroxide. Therefore no sensitivity will be felt and no damage to the enemal will be caused.

Tooth Whitening Tootpaste

Teeth whitening toothpastes are simply tubes of toothpaste with which may or may not contain a very low concentration of tooth whitening agent. They claim that with continued use, you will notice a whiter smile.

Whitening toothpaste do brighten your teeth, but not as much as you might hope. The concentration of whitening agent in these products is so low that they really can’t do much for the appearance of your teeth. They are however, a great way to maintain your whiter smile when you have had dental bleaching.

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