Types of Stains

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Everyday stain caused by general food and drink consumption can build up on the teeth over time to create unsightly yellowing of the teeth.

Types of Teeth Whitening Stains

If you are thinking of undergoing laser teeth whitening, its important to understand the various types of stains which effect your teeth and how they are formed.

Common teeth whitening Stains
  • Nicotine
  • laser dot whitening Caffeine
  • laser dot whitening
  • Nicotine Stains on teeth
  • Caffeine Stains on teeth
  • Tannin Stains on teeth (red wine, Guinness)
  • Food Colourant Stains on teeth
  • Marks left by braces
  • Hot or cold, tea and coffee and cola stains teeth more than any other kind of drinks.
  • Smoking, because tobacco yellows teeth.
  • Drinking coffee; it stains teeth.
  • Drinking red wine; it stains teeth.
  • Consuming too many soft drinks, which leave sugars onteeth. Braces for long periods stains teeth.

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