Top 5 Most Popular Reasons for Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

No. 5 Weddings- Teeth Whitening for the Bride & Groom

White teeth for your wedding day is very popular at Dublin Vitality. Because we use the most effective and gentle gels, you can be guaranteed that no sensitivity will be experienced in advance of your wedding day. For the bride, its important to choose a dress that makes teeth look whiter. Go for off white instead of blue white. For the groom, be sure to have teeth whitened so that you look handsome and well groomed on your special wedding day.

laser teeth whitening dublin wedding
laser teeth whitening wedding dublin


No. 4 Braces – Teeth Whitening After Braces are removed

When your fixed braces are finally removed you will be excited about showing off your beautiful new smile. Laser Teeth whitening is the perfect treatment to ensure your new best feature is fully optimised. Be sure to have a full scale and polish to remove all traces of those braces. You can rest assured that your beautiful new smile will turn heads with laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center by nurse trained teeth whitening practitioners.

teeth whitening dublin braces laser teeth whitening after braces Dublin

No. 3 Cheering Yourself Up and Having a Treat

Nothing feels as good as having a beautiful white smile. Once you have experienced this you will want to keep your teeth that way. Very often, clients choose to have laser teeth whitening as a special treat to cheer themselves up and give themselves a lift. It really is the perfect way to boost your confidence and you can be sure of a comfortable pain free treatment at Dublin Vitality Center.

teeth whitening before holidays Dublin Laser Teeth Whitening as a special “pick me up” treat Dublin Vitality Center

No. 2 Holidays – A Beautiful White Smile To Set Off Tanned Skin

In advance of your holidays, many people decide to undergo laser teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening For Summer Holidays

Teeth whitening For Summer Holidays

Having a beautiful white smile will look great in your holiday snaps and nothing shows off your new whiter brighter teeth like tanned skin.

No. 1 Job Interviews – A Winning Smile For That Big Promotion

You have pressed your best suit. Your hair is perfect. You’ve got your qualifications and references. That job has your name on it. Now all you need is to convince the interviewer. When it comes to being successful in interviews, its all about looking and feeling your very best. When you smile, you should do so with confidence. That is why laser teeth whitening is a very popular choice for those who are in it to win that new job.

Laser Teeth Whitening Before Job Interviews
Laser Teeth Whitening Before Job Interviews




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