Non Peroxide



The Non peroxide laser teeth whitening gels used at Smile White have been developed by teams of experts. They are 100% EU certified and contain only the very best products to ensure the best teeth whitening results with no pain or sensitivity to your teeth.

Benefits of Non Peroxide Laser Teeth Whitening at Smile White in Dublin city centre

The benefits of non-peroxide Laser Teeth Whitening:

  • No irritation to mouth and gums
  • No white spots on gums
  • No damage to the teeth
  • Non acidic
  • No pain or sensitivity to teeth- Contains no toxic substances – Conforms with all EU legislation and has been clinically tested, guaranteeing the safety of the user – Brightens teeth up to 8 shades lighter in just 14 days
  • Instant Results in less than 1 hour
  • No uncomfortable trays to be worn at night time.
  • Can be repeated up to 3 times a year
  • Suitable for those with sensitive teeth


Get That Job

A new survey has shown that white teeth can make you look 5 years younger, more attractive and more successful at work

  • White teeth can make you look 20% more attractive
  • Make people think you earn £10,000 more than if you have stained teeth
  • Having white teeth increases your employment potential by 10%
  • Men are more worried about having bad teeth than going bald

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