HavIng Laser Teeth Whitening After Braces

havIng_laserThe benefits of having laser teeth whitening after wearing fixed braces. At Dublin Vitality Center , we specialise in providing laser teeth whitening for those who have recently had fixed or invisilign braces. Our dental nurses are fully trained teeth whitening technicians. That means you are in the very best hands and will receive a beautiful white smile quickly and effectively with no sensitivity or pain.

  • Optimise and whiten your beautiful new straight teeth which you have worked so hard to achieve
  • You have invested in expensive orthodontics, now show off that beautiful white smile to its full potential
  • Enjoy smiling once again and be confident that teeth look white and clean
  • Look forward to a fresh and clean feeling in the mouth. Nothing beats the feeling of freshly whitened and cleaned teeth.
  • Show off your best asset and ensure your smile is as bright and white as possible.
  • Laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center causes no sensitivity and is carried out by dental nurses. It is therefore perfect for those who have undergone orthodontal removal

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