Laser Teeth Whitening – Colour Test


Laser Teeth Whitening – Colour Test

At Dublin Vitality Center, your laser teeth whitening consultation begins with a colour shade test. A trained teeth whitening clinician will record the colour of your teeth before and after the teeth whitening treatment to ensure that an accurate colour comparison is achieved. This number will be shown to you again after your treatment. This allows you to see the difference in the shade of your teeth before and after laser teeth whitening.

Colour Testing is a scientific method of recording the shade of teeth and it is used by dentists when matching crowns and implants. It is more accurate that photographs. The colour testing is repeated in universal conditions which means that it is done under the same light with the same conditions. This ensure accuracy and consistency.

We recommend you have your teeth whitened once a year. When you return to Dublin Vitality Center for additional laser teeth whitening treatments, your colour comparison can be shown to you to demonstrate any staining which may have accumulated on your teeth since your last teeth whitening treatment. This means you can see how long you have been able to maintain the colour of your whiter smile.

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