Top 5 Most Popular Reasons for Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

No. 5 Weddings- Teeth Whitening for the Bride & Groom

White teeth for your wedding day is very popular at Dublin Vitality. Because we use the most effective and gentle gels, you can be guaranteed that no sensitivity will be experienced in advance of your wedding day. For the bride, its important to choose a dress that makes teeth look whiter. Go for off white instead of blue white. For the groom, be sure to have teeth whitened so that you look handsome and well groomed on your special wedding day.

laser teeth whitening dublin wedding
laser teeth whitening wedding dublin


No. 4 Braces – Teeth Whitening After Braces are removed

When your fixed braces are finally removed you will be excited about showing off your beautiful new smile. Laser Teeth whitening is the perfect treatment to ensure your new best feature is fully optimised. Be sure to have a full scale and polish to remove all traces of those braces. You can rest assured that your beautiful new smile will turn heads with laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center by nurse trained teeth whitening practitioners.

teeth whitening dublin braces laser teeth whitening after braces Dublin

No. 3 Cheering Yourself Up and Having a Treat

Nothing feels as good as having a beautiful white smile. Once you have experienced this you will want to keep your teeth that way. Very often, clients choose to have laser teeth whitening as a special treat to cheer themselves up and give themselves a lift. It really is the perfect way to boost your confidence and you can be sure of a comfortable pain free treatment at Dublin Vitality Center.

teeth whitening before holidays Dublin Laser Teeth Whitening as a special “pick me up” treat Dublin Vitality Center

No. 2 Holidays – A Beautiful White Smile To Set Off Tanned Skin

In advance of your holidays, many people decide to undergo laser teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening For Summer Holidays

Teeth whitening For Summer Holidays

Having a beautiful white smile will look great in your holiday snaps and nothing shows off your new whiter brighter teeth like tanned skin.

No. 1 Job Interviews – A Winning Smile For That Big Promotion

You have pressed your best suit. Your hair is perfect. You’ve got your qualifications and references. That job has your name on it. Now all you need is to convince the interviewer. When it comes to being successful in interviews, its all about looking and feeling your very best. When you smile, you should do so with confidence. That is why laser teeth whitening is a very popular choice for those who are in it to win that new job.

Laser Teeth Whitening Before Job Interviews
Laser Teeth Whitening Before Job Interviews




Top 5 Celebrity White Smiles

Top 5 Celebrity White Smiles by Dublin Vitality Center
At Dublin Vitality Center, we know a great smile when we see one. We have been providing laser teeth whitening to our clients for many years. That is why we have put together the top 5 Celebrity White Smiles.

No. 5 Best Celebrity white Smile – Farrah Fawcett

Farrah Fawcett is the original California girl with her golden skin, whiter than white smile, perfect teeth and beautiful blonde hair. She has come in at No. 5 as our Best Celebrity White Teeth. Its likely that Farrah Fawcett has maintained her naturally beautiful smile with laser teeth whitening. Dentists in the 1970s were known to use peroxide powder to whiten teeth. They realised that some mouth washes that contained peroxide resulted, not just in a reduction of bacterial and increased oral hygiene, but also a brighter whiter smile. This original Charlies Angel may have been one of the very first celebritys to make us sit up and take notice of our teeth. She set the pace for all those children of the 1970s who longed for a whiter, brighter smile.



No. 4 Best Celebrity White Smile – Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has one of the most memorable smiles in Holly. He has etched his name in the holly wood hall of fame for his swagger and his gorgeous smile. Like many celebritys, its very likely that Tom Cruise keep his smile looking white with some form of teeth whitening. It certainly has not done him any harm so far. We say, keep up whatever you are doing to keep those fabulous teeth looking so good.



No. 3 Best Celebrity White Smile – Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a girl who knows how to party. But you could never tell by looking at her smile. Her teeth are white and healthy looking and certainly don’t give away her love of the party lifestyle. It has been said that she smokes 2 packs of Marlboro Lights a day, drinks coffee and red wine. Undoubtedly, that beautiful smiles is kept white and sparkling using teeth whitening. Kates enviable white smile shows us that its possible to have beautiful white teeth even if you smoke and drink red wine. Yellow stains and discolouration can be easily removed. Its likely that Kate has her teeth whitening treatments done at least every year to keep them this white and continue to drink red wine and smoke cigarettes.



No. 2 Best Celebrity White Smile – Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is always smiling. And why wouldn’t she with teeth like those. Cameron is a self confessed health nut. A former model, she has broken the mould with her funny girl personality and quirky sense of humour. Cameron always finds something to smile about and its very likely that she knows the importance of perfectly white teeth when climbing the Hollywood ladder of success.



No. 1 Best Celebrity White Smile – Andrea Corr

Andrea Corr and her sisters are beautiful, beguiling and Irish. Who can deny the charisma that this amazingly talented and successful Irish family possess. And to top it off, Andrea is blessed with a show stopping beautiful white smile making her our number one Best Celebrity White Smile. And its not because we’ve often spotted her in person having a few jars at the weekend in Dublin bars. Is it a little bit, however, because she is undeniably more beautiful in real life.



10 Questions People Often ask about Laser Teeth Whitening

You have thrawled the internet searching for information on whitening your teeth. You have asked your dentist about laser teeth whitening and take home teeth whitening trays. You have asked friends and looked on forums. But there are just so much mixed up, messed up incorrect and misleading information about laser teeth whitening about.

At Dublin Vitality Center, we have been providing laser teeth whitening by qualified dental nurses for many years. Very often, clients will have a number of questions about laser teeth whitening.

  • Does it hurt?
  • Will it damage my teeth?
  • Will my teeth soak up stains more easily?
  • How often must I have laser teeth whitening done to maintain it?
  • Can it damage my fillings
  • Will it work on my teeth?
  • Can I have laser teeth whitening when I have crowns in place?
  • If Ive had braces is laser teeth whitening suitable for me?
  • Is teeth whitening suitable for sensitive teeth?
  • Whats the difference between trays from my dentist and 1 hour laser teeth whitening.

Modern methods of laser teeth whitening does not contain any peroxide. Therefore it is suitable even for those with sensitive teeth.

modern_methods1. Does laser teeth whitening hurt?

No, if you choose non peroxide laser teeth whitening, it does not hurt. That is because the gel solution does not penetrate deep into the dentine layer and subsequently the nerve of the tooth.

2. Will laser teeth whitening damage my teeth?

No laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center will not damage your teeth. The treatment is provided by a dental nurse using FDA approved cold filtered laser light. No heat is involved. No peroxide is used. The gels used are not acidic and will damage the teeth or gums.

3. Will my teeth soak up stains more easily?

This is a common misconception about laser teeth whitening. Where it originates is unclear. One theory is that teeth look whiter once they undergo laser teeth whitening. On the first treatment, a dramatic change of colour can be noted. You will quickly become used to looking at your white teeth and become more conscious of the colour.

Another theory is that older methods used heat in the laser light. This may have caused porous enamel. At Dublin Vitality Center, the laser light is cold filter LED which cannot dry the teeth or cause them to become porous.

4. How often must I have laser teeth whitening done to maintain it?

Generally speaking, clients return for laser teeth whitening every year or 2 years but its possible to have it more often since the treatment causes no damage or sensitivity.

5. Can it damage my fillings

No laser teeth whitening cannot damage your fillings or cause them to loosen. It cannot change the original colour of them either. But it will return them to the colour they were when originally placed.

6. Will it work on my teeth?

If you teeth are stained with ordinary exposure to dark foods, red wine, tea coffee and nicotine and you have never had teeth whitening before, you can expect the most dramatic results. If your teeth are naturally cream in colour, you can only whiten them to their natural shade. Just as we all have different skin tones, we also have different enamel shade which are genetically determined.

7. Can I have laser teeth whitening when I have crowns in place?

Yes you can but the crowns will only return to the colour they were when originally placed.

8. If Ive had braces is laser teeth whitening suitable for me?

Yes and at Dublin Vitality Center, we specialise in laser teeth whitening post braces.

9. Yes and at Dublin Vitality Center, we specialise in laser teeth whitening post braces.

Yes and no. Modern non peroxide methods are better. Peroxide can penetrate deep into the tooth and aggravate the nerve. Therefore it is not suitable for sensitive teeth. Methods used at Dublin Vitality Center are ideal for those with sensitive teeth.

10. Whats the difference between trays from my dentist and 1 hour laser teeth whitening?

Trays from your dentist contain up to 6% hydrogen peroxide under EU law. Laser teeth whitening contains no peroxide. Trays from your dentist are better is you have naturally yellow teeth or teeth stained with tetracycline or any other medication.