1 Hour Whitening at Dublin Vitality Center Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Very Happy with results. Excellent Care, Very comfortable. Great service. Dramatic Difference. Great Value Too” Michelle Finlay, Dublin.

Smile White Laser Teeth Whitening in Dublin City centre is ideal for those who suffer from sensitivity. Our qualified dental nurse clinicians use only EU certified products and gels which ensures you can expect unmatched teeth whitening results without the dreaded sensitivity, pain or zings of the past.

Laser Teeth Whitening in Dublin City Centre. Experience the Difference
We are not the same as other teeth whitening clinics. Infact we offer a highly unique treatment. We concentrate on the provision of gentle natural treatment and take a holistic approach whitening your teeth. Our focus is always  on your health and wellbeing. You can be sure of receiving the very best personal attention during your laser teeth whitening session at our Dublin city centre clinic.

– We take the time to discuss your teeth prior to your laser teeth whitening treatment.
– Enamel shade is recorded before and after treatment scientifically using the most up to date methods.

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