Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin – NOW €99 SPECIAL OFFER not €250.  Trust SMILEWHITE, the teeth whitening professionals. 

Smile White is now located in Dublin city centre beside Temple Street Children’s Hospital.  Using the most advanced cold filtered laser teeth whitening to ensure great results without the pain or damage, this highly effective treatment is fast, and avoids the damage, pain and zigs associated with teeth whitening of the past.

The Kinder Way To Whiten Your Teeth

Smile Whites advanced non peroxide re-conditioning agents ensure exceptional teeth whitening without damage, pain or sensitivity. Those who are seeking fast, effective teeth whitening, look no further.

Laser teeth whitening dublin before and after
laser teeth whitening Dublin before and after

If you’re looking for a beautiful white smile with no pain or sensitivity, then be sure to trust the experts. Smile White laser teeth whitening Dublin has been providing laser teeth whitening in Dublin for over a decade.

We use Smile White Zero Peroxide laser teeth whitening products and our teeth whitening clinicians are professionally trained and certified to ensure a pleasant and effective treatment every time.  Smile White laser teeth whitening is now available at Smile White  Dublin City Centre located beside Temple Street Childrens Hospital.  We focus on achieving natural looking teeth whitening results that work with your individual colouration and features.

BOOK  ONLINE NOW, Dublin City Centre: CALL NOW: 01-554 6809

How Do We Keep Prices So Affordable?

Just how do we keep our prices so affordable? Well, we offer a really great teeth whitening service which keeps our clients coming back. We have been providing laser teeth whitening for over 10 years in Dublin so we know that our clients want natural results without any downtime pain. And that is why we deliver every time.  It is that simple. We ensure that you are comfortable and we achieve a natural result that does not damage or cause sensitivity to your teeth. We are experts in the area of laser teeth whitening and all our technicians are trained by a qualified dental professional.  Why take chances with your teeth by going anywhere else when you can receive guaranteed professional laser teeth whitening in beautiful surroundings by dedicated professionals in the city centre.

Does it hurt and will it damage my teeth?

No. With the latest technological advancements in laser teeth whitening, pain and sensitivity are a thing of the past. Cold filtering and non-acidic products have changed the way teeth whitening interacts with enamel. We offer the very and latest and most advanced SMILE WHITE laser teeth whitening treatment on the market today.

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Relax and Look Forward To a Whiter Smile

Now that you have decided to book a Smile White Laser Teeth Whitening treatment, its time to consider a few things. The first is that teeth whitening can only remove stains. It does not change the colour of your teeth. We will go through a consultation with you when you arrive. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete a form and details. The teeth whitening itself takes 30 minutes. Anything less just won’t get full laser teeth whitening results.

Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin, Dublin City Centre, NOW €99 SPECIAL OFFER not €250.  Trust SMILEWHITE, the teeth whitening professionals. 

I hope you always find a reason to smile
I hope you always find a reason to smile